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Bruno Nagel Studio // Dorothy Mour // Gorilla Cult // LIVE #tonight #neukölln 24. Mai 2018 um 21 Uhr

Thursday the 24th of March the Stockholm band Gorilla Cult are heading down to Berlin for a sweet reunion with their former member Dorothy Mour. To add a new twist the Berlin-based duo Bruno Nagel Studio will also join the fun!
The spectacle takes place at The Little Stage Bar, right around the corner from S+U Neukölln.

Come join us for a night where genres don’t matter as long as the music blasts!

Bruno Nagel Studio
A Berlin-based electro-pop-punk duo consisting of vocalist Bruno Nagel and producer DasStudio. The former members of one of Leipzig’s finest underground punk bands recognized their mutual interest in pop and dance music and ended up in a tiny 8 sqm room in Berlin producing their first release. Despite all the beats, synth and bass lines the punk still pushes through with biting lyrics and blissful noise.

Listen here:

Dorothy Mour
Usually describing the music as „singer/songwriter material on beats“, the Stockholm born, the Berlin-based artist makes steamy, dreamy electropop with influences from r&b and trip-hop. Formerly known as the music duo Beat Diary, it has now transitioned into being a solo project of Dorothy Mour, but with the same music and style. With direct, honest and over the top lyrics, put on heavy, groovy and synth-driven beats, it tends to be a life documentation put on beats rather than paper.

Listen here:

Gorilla Cult
Gorilla Cult is a 5-piece indie band that makes a sonic fusion of influences from post-punk, psychedelic rock, shoegaze, hip hop and funk which has been described by some (often drunk) spectators as everything from the next Prince to a cross between Tame Impala and Rage Against the Machine. After releasing a string of singles during 2017, the band is now gearing up to release a brand new EP during March, with their upcoming performance at Landet will featuring many tracks from this release, as well as entirely new material.

Listen here:

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